What would you choose, a Matt or Gloss Kitchen?

Buying a new kitchen is a rare treat as well as a major purchase. It’s one that always requires a good amount of thought before you make a final decision. It might be that you know from the outset what you would like to have. Or you might want to take soundings from family, friends, kitchen publications or design professionals. You’ll probably have a good idea about the style, materials and probably the colours you like. Sooner or later you will need to decide whether you would like matt or gloss door and drawer fronts for your new kitchen.

Let’s start with the basics when comparing matt or gloss in designs. Matt white units are ever popular, easy to redecorate around and pleasing to potential future house buyers. Matt is a subtler finish than gloss and is less likely to date. The biggest bonus of gloss is the amount of light that bounces around. The downside is that fingermarks will show up more readily. Gloss  is best matched with warmer, natural materials and textures if it’s not to look harshly modern.

Some suggestions from Deson

We have compiled a few of our colourful Deson designs to help guide you through your decision-making

Matt dark units

This shaker style kitchen room has matt cabinetry throughout. The effect is one of understated period style.There is also a practical angle here, as the dark colour is less likely to show up smudges and fingerprints.

Matt or gloss - Dark matt kitchen
matt or gloss - acrylic gloss kitchenmatt or gloss - glass gloss kitchen

High gloss units

Here we have two modern gloss kitchen examples, one in beige acrylic and the second in grey glass. Both blend the shiny door fronts with white quartz worktops and white painted walls.The higher gloss is achieved with the glass doors, which are Deson’s own product under a patented design.

The high gloss style is complete in both with the use of the kitchen lighting and reflective tiles.


Mix and match two-tone units

The central island in this part-gloss, part-matt kitchen has a ‘concrete effect’ acrylic finish that compliments the gloss white wall units.The contrasting matt finish on the island units, provides a textured finish whereas the wall cupboards add reflective light.

Matt or gloss - two tone units
Matt or Gloss - matt neutral units

Matt neutral units

If you want to create a kitchen that’s part of an open-plan living and dining area, this can be achieved by highlighting a complimentary wall and floor finish and retaining a matt neutral finish on the units; by choosing a colour that recedes rather than advances, and by picking out flush-fit cabinetry that blends away into the background.

Gloss neutral units

If, on the other hand, you want your kitchen to feel harmonious within the rest of the room, but draw attention as the showpiece, choose your neutral cabinetry in a gloss finish.The muted tones of the palette also contribute to an overall softness in this kitchen.

Matt or gloss - Gloss neutral units
matt or gloss matt bold coloured units

Matt bold-coloured units

An all-red kitchen, whether gloss or matt, is a dramatic choice. It’s  probably best avoided unless you’re convinced you’ll be happy with the shade for a good 10 years.One way to incorporate a strong, bright shade like this, though, is to limit it to just one element in your kitchen, such as the wall units here.A matt finish tends to suit more traditional-style cabinetry, and it’s easier to repaint too!

Matt or Gloss – finishing touches

Finally, from an interior décor perspective, you can use small surrounding details to tie it into the rest of the scheme. Small appliances, accessories and flowers do the job in this kitchen and can blend the difference between matt or gloss.

If you’d like to see how your kitchen can look with different styles, tones and materials,  come and speak with one of our design team.

If you can, put together as detailed a kitchen design brief as possible. You can use pictures from magazines or the internet and samples of materials you like. We’d be pleased to help you with our free design service. Have a browse through our facebook page or website, click here to contact us, or pop into our showroom.