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Homeowners are increasingly seeking to change how they use the space in their home. This is either in response to new trends or to adapt to meet new domestic circumstances, especially in family homes. To create additional features or storage in the home, there is a growing need for multi-purpose fitted furniture. In particular this relates to made to measure fitted wardrobes, bedrooms and home office furniture, backed by good design.

Fitted furniture has traditionally been the domain of the bedroom, where the aim is usually to add a personal style. These still vary from a mix between contemporary and traditional styles. Appearances might be quite ‘showy’ and bring a certain ambience. At the same time these fitted wardrobes can hide a mountain of ‘stuff’!’

Recent home trends for Fitted Furniture

Fitted furniture remains a strong feature in about a quarter of the largest bedrooms in the home. But this trend is changing as smaller homes in particular are required to use space more efficiently. For instance, the layout and usage of space in children’s bedroom is under pressure to meet the demand from children/youngsters and young adults staying at home. Many children and young people want to enjoy their home entertainment technology in the privacy of their own rooms.

In addition, with increasing numbers of people able to work at home, the trend for multi-functional space-saving office furniture is growing.

The industry response to this is to offer more sophisticated products, such as sliding wardrobes which can be fitted or freestanding, together with featured lighting. There is growing interest in sliding wardrobe systems, reflecting the consumer preference for cleaner lines and contemporary styles.

Deson’s fitted furniture offer

It is very easy for homeowners to select a flatpack ‘click and collect’ furniture option and then spend a wet weekend with a screwdriver and instruction sheet to attempt to put it all together! But for something considerably more sophisticated and made to fit your room’s exact requirements, Deson’s design team will work with you to create a unique piece. We use a combination of wood laminate veneered board, glass and acrylic door fronts in a wide range of colours, shades and finishes. The results, as these images show, are stunning!

Deson also benefits from being a vertically integrated company, incorporating the design, manufacture and installation of its own furniture. This enables us to be very competitive on price.

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We have a range of furniture styles to suit different tastes. Over the last 15 years Deson has established a well-deserved reputation for quality furniture you can depend on.

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