Innovative Storage

In the kitchen, of whatever size, everything has its place and there’s a place for everything! But it can be tricky to keep a kitchen organised so you have all your utensils, recipe books and ingredients close to hand but out of sight when the meal is over and you want to relax.

Deson has a host of storage accessories that will help you maximize your space and create a better kitchen. Our drawers come in a range of sizes to gain valuable space, with innovations such as our corner butterfly drawers that reach into those hard to reach corners but are so easy to pull out. Or you can add tall sliding drawers that blend seamlessly into their cabinetry, for pantry items and spices.

You can select single, double or triple drawers for different combinations of storage, to secret drawers to help keep items securely and neatly tucked away. Under-sink storage can incorporate slide out platforms for cleaning materials, improving access and order. And just like the shelf and cupboard doors, these space saving accessories all have a smooth close mechanism as standard.

So have a browse, be imaginative, come and talk to us and you’ll be able to create perfect kitchen storage with clever use of space.

Cutlery and Utensil Drawer

Designed to slide smoothly under your countertop, this drawer contains a full range of kitchen cutlery and essential utensils, with a holder for each in a smart wooden board.

Butterfly Corner Shelf

Always a talking point, this shelf snakes into the far reaches of corner units, making the very best of otherwise inaccessible, unusable space.

3-Tiered Drawer

Ideal for housing herbs and spices, condiments, oils and pasta, this drawer features three racks that keep all these must have handy items neat and tidy.

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