Home storage and space

Did you know this time of the year is ideal for reviewing your available home storage and space? Your summer suitcases are (hopefully!) unpacked and you’ve washed and packed away your summer wardrobe. Plus it’s a good 6 weeks before we need really worry about the ‘C-word’! So we have some time before we have to rummage in the loft for all that tinsel and baubles that got thrown in a cardboard box back in January.

The best starting point is always, always to have a jolly good clear out. Finally get rid of those many items that you could not bear to be parted from. After all, you’ve not looked at / worn / played with them since the last time you promised yourself a good purge!

Once you’ve done this, you can see the full scale of what you have left. Now you can consider how best to store or display your ever-growing collection of possessions. How about transforming your rooms with some built-in home storage? This will not only save you space but will give your rooms a smart, streamlined look

Fitted furniture will make the best use of your space. It’s ideal for awkward corners, such as alcoves, eaves and rooms too small for standard fittings.

Here are some home storage ideas on what you might be able to achieve.

Home storage solutions

Fitted sliding wardrobes and cupboard units

Home Office

A home office does not require much more than a desk and some drawers. If you haven’t got a spare bedroom, an office can be nestled in a recess or under the stairs. You can transform almost any corner into a work area, however small. Why not incorporate a foldout desk made to suit your height? Together with assorted drawers this can be packed away when not in use. Cupboards with doors will keep paperwork out of sight. Or you can opt for a screen or door that hides the whole office from view when not in use.


Do you have a substantial collection of books and display items but despair at the mix of shelves you’ve created? It might be time for a solid wall-mounted bookcase. With a series of compartments designed to hold your books or mix of objects, you can provide an interesting ‘shelfscape’ to create a focal point for your room. Use your books and storage files to gauge space between shelves. The bookcase can be embellished with the use of doors to create individual cupboards to hide piles of paperwork. A combination of closed units and open shelving boosts storage and keeps the look neat. And to really set the bookcase off, you might like to consider lighting above and within the unit.

Another smart home storage move is to have the bookcase designed to match  your existing furniture, using either a soft wood laminate, or single colour acrylic finish.

Home storage solutions

Fitted wardrobes and cupboards with shelving

Console Concealment

Until our lives are completely wireless, we will still have to face unattractive cable boxes and tangles of wires sitting under or around our tv screens. The answer could be a console / tv cabinet that has all the right holes in all the right places and hides all the ugly stuff. Inside, we can hide the cable box, Blu-ray player, and movie-streaming device, threading all the cords neatly through precut holes in the back. Don’t forget to ensure the cabinet height is right for the tv and there’s enough space to store some dvds and games.

Fitted Wardrobes and Bedroom Furniture

Fitted furniture such as wardrobes, dressing tables and bedside cabinets help make the best use of space regardless of the size of the room. A bank of wardrobes frees up the remainder of the room for more decorative pieces. For a sleek look, hide some of the drawer units behind full-length doors. The entrance to an en-suite bathroom can even be designed to blend in with wardrobe doors on either side. Fitted furniture is a safe option for children’s rooms, where free-standing units can topple.

Walk-in Wardrobes

If you have the space, you can really go to town with a walk-in wardrobe. This is the ultimate in internal storage solutions. Specialist forms of storage such as revolving trouser rails and pull-out shoe racks will help get even the most extreme hoarder organised.

Useful points to bear in mind with walk-in wardrobes are to keep clothes, shoes and accessories in order, with plenty of drawers. Having rails at varying heights is a good use of space; full-length for dresses, half-length for shirts and trousers. A walkway width of at least 1m will allow for the opening of drawers and the selection of clothes in comfort. Smooth-running and soft-closing drawers with pull-out stops will help keep everything organised.  And if space permits, opt for his and her sides with your own mirrors.


Bathroom furniture needs to give us time for ourselves. It needs to be functional and provide space from everything we need. Smart ways to organise a bath room is to use a vanity unit and bathroom cabinet for all your necessities. If you have more space a series of shelves for display items can add a certain character. Maybe a rack for towels and clothes will also help you take care of yourself.

How Deson can help with your home storage

Deson is able to undertake your home storage projects, from wardrobes to home office. We can undertake any size project, large or small and either adapt modular pieces to your specification or a truly bespoke storage solution. We can do this because we manufacture and assemble the furniture ourselves, giving considerable flexibility. Deson can design furniture to any size and work around odd shapes. As a result, we can make any size of furniture and cope with unusual spaces or dimensions.

If you can, put together as detailed a home storage brief as possible. You can use pictures from magazines or the internet and samples of materials you like. We’d be pleased to help you with our free design service. Have a browse through our facebook page or website, click here to contact us, or pop into our showroom.