Student Accommodation

Deson knows that a key part of the student experience is their living environment. Here they will spend much of their time outside of lectures and tutorials. So having quality, home-from-home comforts helps ensure that students are in a good place to learn, rest and play. Competition amongst universities for attracting new students, especially international students, is huge. Often the quality of available student accommodation on offer can be key consideration.

Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

In the same way, providers of Houses of Multiple Occupation have a greater imperative than ever to provide attractive accommodation for professionals. Quality of accommodation helps maintain occupancy rates and harmonious community living.

Deson makes the task of furnishing student and multi-occupancy accommodation easier. Deson provides landlords and student accommodation providers with a complete furniture package to ensure students and tenants feel at home and have everything they need. We supply and install everything fully assembled and can then maintain and replace faulty or damaged items.

Deson manufactures and supplies everything required from bedroom essentials – bed, desk, wardrobe, shelving, chair, through to kitchen and dining furniture, all kitchen appliances, sofa and armchairs. Our range of furniture packages ensures there is a selection of quality, durable furniture suitable for every type of communal residence.

Advantages of working with Deson

Deson will manage all the logistics of furnishing your student accommodation. This includes design, manufacturing, supply, installation and ongoing maintenance. Pricing is based on either an upfront charge or as a single monthly fee.

  • We supply and install attractive, robust furniture items and appliances for individual rooms and communal catering (excluding soft furnishings, mattresses and kitchenware)
  • Reduces initial capital outlay, hiring from Deson spreads the cost over 3-5 years as a revenue expenditure
  • Construction and professional delivery of high quality furniture
  • No student-related damages to worry about, we cover maintenance and repair
  • Flexible contract terms to suit your needs, 3 and 5 year contracts available

About Us

Deson is a global company that has furnished the accommodation of thousands of people over the last 15 years. We know what makes for attractive and high quality student accommodation. Deson blends modern, elegant design trends with high quality materials and considerable manufacturing capability to provide bespoke furniture for bedrooms, kitchens and communal living areas.

Find Out More

We have a range of furniture styles to suit different environments and tastes which is especially relevant for this service. Over the last 15 years Deson has established a well-deserved reputation for quality furniture you can depend on.

To get further information or to discuss a quotation simply get in touch on 01962 863724. A member of our team will be happy to arrange an appointment to talk you through the options available.

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