Five Frequently Asked Questions – Have you dreamed of making some long-awaited changes, or even completely modernise your kitchen, but been put off by high street or showroom prices?

Deson offers its customers an attractive alternative – made-to-measure kitchens designed and built to customers’ exact requirements without the premium price tag.

Deson designs, manufactures, supplies and installs high quality contemporary kitchens that are remarkably affordable.

To find out more, we’ve listed Five Frequently Asked Questions asked of Deson Kitchens.

Deson Kitchen

Modern linear kitchen from Deson

Q. The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the home (and actually the thing that sells houses) – how have you seen client’s needs change over the years?

A. The kitchen is where we cook, eat and socialise with family and friends. But as recently as 25 years ago the kitchen was seen as the engine room of the house, where meals were cooked and grudgingly dispensed. Now customers want a kitchen that flows seamlessly into a dining or family area and is pleasing to the eye, especially first thing in the morning over that breakfast cuppa!

Basic requirements are the same, worktop space, sink and appliances close to hand plus ample storage. The biggest recent change though is the demand for quartz or granite worktops, which look stunning and last forever. Other trends include a fully fitted linear look, cramming in some new technology such as smart kettles and who wouldn’t want a smart range cooker!

Q. A new kitchen is an investment you want to last, but equally you don’t want to have to remortgage to fund it – how do you find the balance?

A. A new kitchen will add around 6% to the value of a property. The given rule is to invest between 5 and 10 percent of your home’s current value on your kitchen remodel. You should then expect to recoup this investment when you sell your property. But if these all start to look like huge figures, there’s two things to bear in mind.

Firstly, work within the means or funds you have, to create a new look to your kitchen. This could be in the form of new door and drawer fronts, a new worktop or new décor. There’s plenty of scope to be innovative and depending on your ambition, such projects can cost less than £5,000 yet still have a transformative effect.

Secondly, most people acknowledge the value of their kitchen is not just in monetary terms. This is your home, you get tangible value from your kitchen every day. Make it a place you enjoy!

Q. Renovation always causes upheaval and a kitchen can be particularly chaotic – how does your team help to expedite the process?

Typically our kitchen installations take three days to complete, depending on the amount of additional work required such as general carpentry, electrical, plumbing, plastering, painting and decorating. We work closely with our customers to manage the installation process, working with other trades if part of a larger extension project. We preassemble the kitchen units in our workshop to reduce the amount of onsite work to a minimum. Our teams of multi-skilled fitters are all professionally qualified, experienced and of course very courteous!

Q. How much design input can clients have?

A. We offer a free design service and pride ourselves on not only being ‘nice and approachable’, but also on making every effort to find a kitchen solution which works for each customer. We will incorporate customers’ design ideas with suggestions of our own. We’ll also take time to ensure the customer is happy with the final look. With a wide range of colours, styles and finishes, we often need to help guide our customers towards a decision. We provide a 3D rendered image which shows how the final kitchen will look, which really helps the customer to visualise the proposed result.

Q. And finally, the last of our Five Frequently Asked Questions, how would you sum up a Deson Kitchen?

A. Kitchens of quality, distinction and fun!

Let us help you with your kitchen plans and ideas to give you the kitchen you want within your budget. Our designer will help you to come up with the best solutions to your requirements.  We have all the trades needed to complete all the work in one company, so no need to contact any other trades.

We’d be pleased to help you with our free design service. Have a browse through our facebook page or website, click here to contact us, or pop into our showroom.