Fitting a new kitchen

Moving home is a stressful business, isn’t it? A regular question that comes up with estate agents is ‘would fitting a new kitchen help sell our house?’ Very often the response is to ‘leave it as it is, the new owners can take this project on.’ But what if you are clearly competing with other sellars locally? Maybe you’re looking to maximise the value or the kitchen really does need some serious attention. Here’s some suggestions on what you might like to do.

Fitting a new kitchen – Firstly, the Money

Before you begin to install your new kitchen, you do need to calculate whether your plans will be a sound investment. You could brighten up most rooms around the house with a lick of paint or new furniture. But when it comes to the kitchen you need to weigh up a much bigger investment to make a big difference.

How would a new kitchen impact on the valuation of your home? It could be significant if the current kitchen is in a poor state. A decent makeover pays for itself by increasing the potential value of the property. At the very least a simple redecoration in neutral tones is in order, depending on your motivation.

A new kitchen can add a minimum of £5,000 to the value of a property. So for an average kitchen costing up to £10,000, at least half your outlay would be returned upon the sale of your home.

There are also ways in which you can avoid losing value to your home when replacing a poor kitchen area. Even if the kitchen at the moment is a bit dated, or if the room itself is sufficiently spacious, there are fairly cheap, simple steps you can take.

Fitting a new kitchen – next comes the Motivation

So you are going to make a start on this new kitchen project in order to increase your house sale price. OK, well the best approach might be to keep it simple. After all the new owners will definitely want to put their mark on the kitchen over time. They really just want to see something clean and spacious. While a brand new kitchen with the latest mod cons may sound desirable, will they actually help you sell your house?

Also, if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing well. Leaving some glaring things outstanding will mean you’re not satisfied with the room and it’s then unlikely to add much value to the house. Turning a functional room into a ‘showpiece’ on a budget will make you happier. It will also give you something to take plenty of pictures of when it comes to the sale.

Fitting a new kitchenWhat should you do?

To boost your house sale, you should think neutral and flexible. Make it easy for a buyer to envisage cooking and eating your kitchen, regardless of their taste. Plain colours – such as wooden kitchen cupboards that are neither too dark, or too light, or maybe in white or grey – are the best approach. Give the new owner breathing space for a few months or years before they decide how they would like to fit out their dream kitchen.

Make sure that you focus on fixing anything in the kitchen that does not work properly, such as a leaky tap, scratched worktop or wonky cupboard door. If left, these could let down an otherwise flawless room. By ensuring that all these things are sorted you will help boost the value of your property. Another important point is to make best use of the space available and don’t overload the room. Suggest deal with these as priorities before you start thinking about fancy taps and door handles.

Bold colours
A brightly coloured kitchen is not everyone’s cup of tea. So if you’re worried it might be putting off visitors, when fitting a new kitchen think about toning it down with a neutral paint job. Specialist paint is available for kitchen units. If you don’t want to commit to that, paint the walls a neutral colour instead. Do limit the number of brightly coloured accessories on display.


New flooring, either wood laminate or tile, can help transform your bland kitchen into a real talking point. This would require a larger investment of time and money but would certainly influence potential buyers for the better.


If you’re thinking of ways to upgrade your kitchen without breaking the bank, fitting new worktops can be really effective. Whether wood laminate, solid wood or quartz, you will be able to create an instant ‘wow effect’. Suggest use a complimentary colour or pattern to the rest of the room.

Fancy splashback
At one time, tiling was considered the only practical option for finishing the area behind the cooker. Now there’s a whole range of products available such as acrylic, aluminium, stainless steel and glass. There are some amazing splashbacks with matching upstands that have integrated LED colour mood lighting.

A neutral splashback has broad appeal, so consider changing (or painting over) yours if it’s highly patterned. Then save your creativity for someone who really appreciates it – you in your new home


The key to selling your home is to make potential buyers imagine themselves living in it. Pattern and colour can be very polarising. So, boring as it may seem, it can pay to play it safe to appeal to the maximum number of people. Do have a budget in might which is in proportion to the overall value of your house and the likely buyers you are looking to attract.

Deson provides a free design service which can help you with all of the decisions you might be faced with. We can also supply all of the materials you may need through our factory and network of suppliers. If you are looking to sell your house and feel that fitting a new kitchen is required, we’d be pleased to assist!

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