Modern kitchen trends

Kitchen suite seamlessly integrated with living space

Enhancing many people’s favourite room

Almost everyone would like a new kitchen, or at the very least, something new about their existing kitchen. Most people acknowledge the value of their kitchen is not just in monetary terms. It’s the heart of the home, where we cook, eat and socialise with family and friends. We like our kitchen to be more than a functional space, somewhere that’s pleasing to the eye, especially first thing in the morning over that breakfast cuppa!

It’s not surprising that, when we can and the mood takes us, we’ll consider how best to upgrade our kitchen. We might want to change or improve the appearance or eke out more storage. So what kinds of kitchen trends should we be mindful of when we consider investing in our much loved room? Here’s a review of some of the leading kitchen trends that might give you a headstart.

8 Leading Kitchen Trends for 2017

Quartz Worktops – these were once considered a luxury item. Now quartz stone worktops are much more affordable with the development of composite surfaces. As a superior alternative to laminate, quartz is durable and stain resistant. The many combinations of colours and patterns can greatly enhance any kitchen.

Handless Units – these smart door and drawer fronts can add to the overall linear effect of a fitted kitchen. Offering a contemporary yet simple style, these units are available in acrylic gloss or high gloss. Typical colours are grey, beige or creamy hues. A popular alternative is to blend this style with a grained timber acrylic finish, which offers some stunning options.

Handleless unit

Fully fitted kitchen in white acrylic finish with black quartz worktop

Storage – ‘everything in its place and a place for everything’. High-quality and innovative storage solutions can open up the kitchen workspace and hide away small appliances. Deep drawers, under-sink sliders and corner ‘butterfly’ shelves help to maximise available space. The result is a clutter-free worktop for food preparation and serving. Dedicated compartments can accommodate all your provisions. Taking a practical approach (plus a bit of a tidying-up!)  can create a greater sense of space.

Colours – yes your kitchen is your own personal space and you want to put your own individual stamp on it. That said, a screaming scarlet and sky blue scheme can quickly lose its appeal! So it is not surprising that that homeowners are opting for simple, grey, white and black tones and neutral colours. These kitchen trends are more likely to stand the test of time. Where you can express your own style is by adding various accessories. These can be ornaments, holiday souvenirs etc. that then personalise your kitchen space. But remember here, less is more!

Other emerging kitchen trends

Painted Slimline Cabinets – with materials such as high density chipboard and mdf allowing thinner contoured doors and drawer fronts, there is now the ability for homeowners to retain a classical or shaker style without the chunkier profiles. Combined with a myriad of paint options and handleless lightweight doors, this offers a more modern feel to cabinet design.

Industrial Look – this kitchen trend has grown across Europe in recent years. In the UK industrial design has begun to feature in accommodation such as apartments in warehouse renovation projects. Industrial design is typified by details such as exposed bricks and pipes with a minimalist feel, inspired by factory spaces. Kitchen materials that complement this look include wood, stone and concrete finishes, creating a unique functional feel.

More Technology – Domestic technology such as Bluetooth speakers and phone charging points is a trend that will only continue to grow. There are many emerging examples; smart kettles, coffee machines and other gadgets that you can control via an app; refrigerators that not only tell you that you’re low on milk and supplies but will order fresh stock for you; ovens that will automatically stop once your beef joint has reached the right temperature; pop up/down lcd screens showing how to cook that special dish will become commonplace. The future is here now!

Range cookers – The single appliance that homeowners would most like to have in their dream kitchen is the range cooker. The main appeal of a range cooker is that it encourages family participation in cooking and enhances the room as a place to socialise whilst enjoying eating delicious food.

Deson remains ahead of current kitchen trends

These are some of the key current trends which are shaping the use look and use of the kitchen. Deson can help advise and supply on any of the above topics should you wish to explore them further with us.

In our showroom in Winchester we showcase our extensive range of quartz worktops, which are available in over 50 different colours and patterns. We also have on display handless units, glass fronted doors, acrylic units in contemporary colours and tones and innovative storage solutions. Through our partners AEG, we can supply all kitchen appliances at a significant discount when sold as a new kitchen installation.

For builders and developers who regularly fit kitchens for individual homeowners or larger scale property new builds or renovations we have an especially relevant trade service available through our sister brand AK Kitchens. Here we offer a range of contemporary kitchen units, worktops and accessories at trade prices. Trade accounts are available.

You can contact Deson Kitchens by phone on 01962 863724, email, web or by popping into our showroom in Winchester.