glamour kitchenWe all know that the kitchen has become perhaps the most important room in the home. It’s where families  and friends get together and socialise, have dinner and entertain. It’s all too easy to create a luxurious feel in reception rooms and keep the kitchen a functional space. But why should such a social space not enjoy the same design flair as the rest of the house? Kitchens are increasingly becoming more luxurious, design-led spaces. There’s plenty of scope to move away from a purely practical design, and go for full-on glamour in your cooking area.

Here are 8 ways you can add some glamour to your kitchen.

Treat your kitchen like a second living room

Traditional spotlights and strip lighting in kitchens may have been the functional choice for years, but they’re not exactly glamorous. Accessories such as chandeliers and table lamps, combined with soft lighting, create a homely feel. Chandeliers are normally associated with a formal look in living rooms, but help achieve your glamour kitchen. Cut down on wall units if you can, to stop the room looking cluttered. The addition of one or even better two chandeliers over the dining table helps delineate the social area from the working area. If you opt for a chandelier in your glamour kitchen, be sure to hang it at a height where it won’t be an obstacle.

For a more toned-down look, try an oversized pendant or shade. A current trend is for darker-toned shades with a copper or golden inside, which not only reflects a warmer light – something that kitchens can often lack – but a touch of metallics is a foolproof way to lend a luxe look to a room. A dimmer switch is a good option in a kitchen-diner, so you can have the light bright enough to work, but turn it down lower for convivial meals.

Seating in your kitchen doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable stools and utilitarian chairs. Bring a sofa into the room, it will help create a social vibe and a space for the whole family to enjoy.

glamour kitchenHigh gloss cupboards for your glamour kitchen

Adding high gloss cupboards in two different shades can add style to your glamour kitchen at relatively low cost. Opting for two different coloured units will make the kitchen loom light and airy. If you have a limited budget, mixing and matching expensive and cheaper units is your solution to a good look at an affordable price.

Glamourise the Dining area

At dinner parties or family meals, the last thing you want is unfriendly empty spaces, tight angles or sounds echoing around your kitchen or kitchen-diner. If you have limited dining space, you could use around dining table with a pendant light as a central feature. You could also display decorative glassware or a nice flower vase with fresh flowers. Sounds can be absorbed using thick, properly lined curtains, plus, they’re a wonderful insulator, too. You may like to include rugs and cushions as well for added comfort.

Use wallpaper

Rich colours and statement wallpapers have a big part to play in turning a functional kitchen scheme into a glamorous style statement in its own right. Creating a feature wall using your favourite wallpaper can instantly transform your kitchen into a glamorous haven. Go for a bold design that sets the tone for the rest of the room. If your kitchen is small, use the wallpaper as a splashback, protected by glass, or around pillars.

Colour your wall glam

Colours are associated with tastes, so add a mouth-watering shade to your glamour kitchen, like aubergine or spicy red, to get your taste buds tingling. “Think of what colours you use in your cooking and work from that.”

Deep jewel shades and metallic hints are a simple yet effective way of conjuring up a luxurious feel. Be aware of your space and the amount of light, though, as too many dark hues may lead to a space feeling smaller. Make sure you choose colours the whole family approves of. Keep your cabinets in neutral shade and bring out the best by painting your walls in your favourite colour.

Add interesting paintings

As well as bold colours, you can make your kitchen look interesting by adding one or two large paintings. A stunning talking feature will really help personalise your kitchen.

Mosaics and metals

Glass mosaic tiles have a magical quality to them. You can use these tiles to highlight the small spaces in your kitchen, they are easy to clean and do not split. A wall covered in mirrored mosaic tiles also adds lots of glamour to your room, especially if it reflects your personality.

Metallics add a real glamour factor to interiors, and in a kitchen you have a wealth of choices – from a gleaming copper range cooker, to small and gleaming brass handles and drawer pulls. Splashbacks in an antique mirror finish lend an air of faded grandeur. There are endless options, but remember to use sparkle in small amounts, to make a bigger impact.

High tech appliances

No glamour kitchen is complete without good appliances. Choose the ones which will help you feel like a master chef when you are doing your cooking. Ultra-modern hoods not only help reduce smoke, odours and fumes but look stylish, giving your kitchen a glamorous look.

So why not have a go at using some of these ideas to turn your drab kitchen into a real glamorous one.

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