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Selection of Cookware

Deson now offers a range of stylish, high performance kitchen cookware created together with professional chefs to create great cooking results.

These modern kitchen accessories are optimised for induction hobs but are also suitable for all types of hob surfaces. Available from our premier kitchen partners AEG, they are safe for both the dishwasher and oven up to 250degrees.

Cookware with Perfect Integration

AEG have developed these pots, pans and inserts using a 5 ply multilayer material;

  • Outside layer – magnetic stainless steel superior induction performance and easy to clean.
  • Middle layer – three layers of aluminium, excellent heat conductor, 14 times faster than stainless steel
  • Inside layer – 18/10 stainless steel, hygienic, easy to use and resistant to corrosion.

The design of these materials helps ensure the heat is spread over the whole surface, even on the sides, for uniformed and controlled cooking. As such, there is no defection or deformation when quickly heated up.

Selection of Cookware Range

Stock Pot

You can cook exciting dishes using the versatile 9l large capacity stock pot. Boil large pieces of meat or seafood in this generously sized stock pot, combine with the pasta insert for the perfect al dente pasta.

Pasta Insert

Your pasta will always be perfectly cooked using the pasta insert. It protects delicate pasta from tearing while boiling and ideal for cooking long rigid pasta such as spaghetti, linguini and fettuccini. Simply lift to drain.

Low Casserole

The low casserole is a multipurpose pan and optimal for braising, poaching and simmering. You can confidently create creamy risotto, casseroles or dishes that need extra space when cooking or poaching individual portions. Double handles make it easy to lift.

3 litre Saucepan with lid

The versatility of this saucepan enables you to confidently create a range of different dishes and ingredients using just one pan. The straight sides make it possible to glaze, toss, stew and caramelise. Also optimal for preparing sauces and gravies with volume markings on the inside for exact measurements.

Conical Saute

The conical sauté is optimal for sautéing and flash frying small portions of meat and vegetables to create crisp yet moist results. Matched with chinois strainer accessory it is also perfect for silky smooth sauces, soups and custards.

Frying Pan

Prepare the ultimate juicy steak and tender fish with this versatile frying pan. Always get perfectly even results when frying, searing and browning due to absolute heat distribution and control. Engineered to consistently reduce moisture containing the juiciness inside and preserving the crisp texture on the outside.

Ordering your Cookware

You can order any of these or the many other cookware products from Deson, which we can offer at a very competitive price. Call us on 01962 863724, email or simply pop into our Winchester showroom to find out more.