Whilst we probably would all like a larger kitchen, we’ll very often be bound by physical and/or financial constraints. So how can we create more space for all the supposed vital items we need around us to prepare and cook food? And then there’s all the nick-nacks and homely features we like to surround ourselves. Here’s 10 kitchen storage ideas that might just help.

1. Organise a clear out

It might seem quite obvious, but a good starting point for your kitchen storage project is to jettison some stuff! Every kitchen has items that have taken up residency despite being well passed their usefulness. You might have a favourite serving spoon that is now on its fourth handle, or keeping an excess of plates that you’ve inherited ‘just in case’ you through a massive buffet . And don’t get me started on spice jars, whilst these were priceless back in Elizabethan (the first!) times, don’t feel you have to hang onto all of them. So my suggestion is to be ruthless, get rid of old recipe books (there’s this thing called the internet now!), duplicate lemon squeezers, broken blenders etc. Then you’ll know what you really need and how much space you have to play with.

2. Get a full-size pantry

Pantries have a lot going for them. Whilst you might be used to scrabbling around for that last tin of beans in your base cupboard, anything stored in a tall pantry will be easily visible and accessible. Modern tall pantries are typically fitted with drawers, racks, baskets and even lighting. Even better is to go for a fully-racked pull out tall pantry which will maximise the floor space it occupies.

3. Display kitchenware on open shelves

Including cube open shelving units is a nice way of breaking up monotonous cupboards, while providing enough room to off load those cookery books, spare vases and random ornaments.

4. Double you cupboard’s capacity

Slotting an extra shelf into your cupboards is such a simple but effective way of making the most of your kitchen storage. Not only can you fit in twice as much cookware (or tableware), but this quick fix will keep everything organised too.

5. Swap cupboards for drawers

Forget about having to stoop and rummage through a cupboard for that colander/grater/lasagne dish. Pile everything neatly into drawers, instead. This makes storage both easier and tidier – especially if your drawers range in size, from slim (for cutlery) to medium (for kitchen linens) and large (for pots and pans).


6. Save cupboard space using rails

Suspending a rail above your worktop is a fast, easy and cost effective way of adding storage to your kitchen. This is the perfect way to hang those awkward pots, pans, measuring cups and sieves that often clutter up your cupboards.  Tiny kitchens especially need plenty of clever but affordable storage. Rather than taking up valuable worktop, why not hang a dish rack above the sink?

7. Use every opportunity for kitchen storage

How do you access the far recesses of your kitchen corners? With a corner basket of course, simple?

Or if your kitchen happens to feature a generous windowsill, use it for storage. Colourful utensil containers, potted herbs and dishwashing accessories can all live here.

8. Store recipe books on a smart corner unit

Utilise worktop corners cleverly by adding a section of shelves, perfect for book storage. This can create a neat shelving unit perfect for showing off those cookery books.

9. Make use of vertical space

Making use of vertical space is a smart move in a kitchen, where storage often has to be worked into a small footprint. A metal rack works beautifully holding pans and utensil. Or you can even suspend shelves from your kitchen ceiling instead. This is an effective way of storing and displaying glassware, cake stands etc.

10. Hide small stuff in jars

In the same way as a garden shed will typically have loads of old jars and tobacco tins with an assortment of screws, nuts and bolts etc, the kitchen can employ the same approach with attractive canisters for utensils and jars for pulses, grains, teas, ground coffee and even fresh flowers. These will work well on open shelves or wherever you can max out some additional surfaces, such as a window ledge.

A prime purpose for kitchens is storage, but it can become rather predictable. If you’d like to see how your cooking space can accommodate everything you need while also looking original and exciting, come and speak with one of our design team.

If you can, put together as detailed a home storage brief as possible. You can use pictures from magazines or the internet and samples of materials you like. We’d be pleased to help you with our free design service. Have a browse through our facebook page or website, click here to contact us, or pop into our showroom.